How to Add A Video to Your Email

Here's how you can add a video to your newsletter:

1. Create or open an existing email

Go to the editor and open a new email.

Select a template you want to use for you email.

2. Use the “Video” content block to add the YouTube Video

Scroll to the bottom of the Editor and click on the video content block

Now you’ll need to add your video link.

Click on “add video” and the video settings dialogue will pop up.

Paste your URL into the URL bar.

You are also given the option of adding a custom title to your YouTube video. If you decide not to add a custom tile, the title of the video will be pulled from the URL.

After adding the link to your video, an image preview of this video will appear. This image does not playback with you click it.

You can also change the title of the video.

When you are finished click "OK" to save your settings.

The image preview of the video will show in the Editor.

Preview Your Results

You can also do a test send of your email to see how the YouTube video came out.

To view the video when it’s in your inbox, click anywhere on the video.

The webpage version of the email will open up a new tab and your video will start to play from the newsletter.


And you're done.


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