Create or add a banner (600 px wide)

You can spruce up your newsletter by adding a banner to the top. Banners are a great way to add some design flare to your message. 

Click the link at the top of the newsletter editor that says "Edit Banner" (note, if you already have a banner in place you can click it to upload a replacement). 




Select a banner from your library or click Add Files to upload a new one. You can then Select it when the upload is complete.

Any image you upload will be proportionally resized so it's 600 pixels wide and takes up the width of the newsletter.

If you already have an image and you'd like to edit it before uploading try the product below. Edit your image, save it to your computer desktop and then upload to Flashissue:

If you want to help and ideas about creating banners, you can try out one of the products below

You can get more creative if your like and grab an image from Flickr and use your favorite photo editor.
For a quick solution, do a screen capture of an image from your website. Try and make it 600 px wide so you get the right quality
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