Why do I appear to be missing some Contacts when creating mailing lists.

If you appear to be missing contacts that you can see in your Google Contacts but they do not show up in Flashissue when you are building lists, try the following:

#1 Check that contacts are listed in *My Contacts* 

When pulling in Google Contacts for list building, Flashissue looks inside the *My Contacts* section of your address book. If you want to use contacts stored in *Directory*, *Most Contacted* or *Other Contacts* we suggest moving them to *My Contacts*:

#2 Check that Contacts are formatted correctly

Sometimes although a contact appears in Google Contacts with a name and email address the data fields for *name* and *email* were not correctly imported into Google when you upload the contact. 

Try importing missing contacts Google Contacts again making sure that the data fields are aligned with ones that Google recognizes. This is how your data fields should appear when importing contacts:

You can create your own CSV "template" for Google Contacts by exporting a single contact from your Google Contact address book. Once the CSV is downloaded, delete the contact from the CSV and paste in the new contacts to the correct fields. You can now Import this file back into Google Contacts.

#3 Check for duplicate email addresses

If you have 2 contacts sharing a single email address we will only show one of those contacts. 

This may explain you have 1,000 Google Contacts according to your Google address book but only 920 show up in Flashissue or you have a Google Contacts Group with 50 members but only 42 show up in Flashissue

Lets take Mary Mongo a fictitious women in your address book. For what ever reason she has two contact entries even though she is the same person:

Unfortunately, she is only going to appear once in flashissue. Search for *Mary Esta Mongo* or *mary.mongo@gmail.com* and you'll find her:

If you search for just *Mary Mongo* you will not find her at all:

This situation has a knock on effect for Google Contact Groups because your Groups may appear to be missing people. i.e. if Mary Mongo was put in any group you're not going to see her. The solution is to merge the 2 contacts so one email = one contact or in the case of groups make sure that you put the Mary Flashissue is displaying the groups you want to use with Flashissue.

We are looking to fix the logic behind this issue in the near future so we can support multiple contacts using the same email.

Here's an example - click here to view.

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