How to personalize an email with the recipient's name

To personalize an email in Gmail with a recipient's name add the following merge tag to your email using the *Name* button on the editor.:

  1. Open the text block to edit and click the *More* button on the editor
  2. Click the *Name* button  and  %(first_name | fallback:"REPLACE THIS"}%  will be inserted in the body text. The first name of the recipient will be inserted into the email.
  3. Edit the *fallback* by deleting  *REPLACE THIS* with something like "There". This will appear if no name if available for the recipients first name. You can also leave the fallback as is and a blank will be inserted for the name.
  4. Note: when you Preview your email you'll see a sample name called *John Doe*. We suggest you send a text email to so how it looks with your own name.


Using Hi %(first_name | fallback:"There"}% would address all emails as Hi Jane, Hi John, etc if the contact has a name or Hi There if no name is available.

The final email will look like follows (if recipient has no first name listed in Google Contacts *Phil* will be replaced with *There*:

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