Managing Unsubscribes & CAN-SPAM

Flashissue places an "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email. You can see this by clicking the Preview button for your email on the editor tab.

When someone unsubscribes the person will be removed from your ALL Flashissue mailing lists automatically (they will NOT get removed from your Google address book). 

You can track opt-out rates in the Report details tab of the application and you can view your "unsubscribes" by first clicking the Lists tab and then the "Unsubscribes" button. 

To remove people from your Unsubscribe list first open the Unsubscribe list, place a check mark against any names and then click the Remove Contacts button. If you want to the person to start receiving emails again, you must then add the person back to your mailing list(s). Please respect people's requests and only delete people from your Unsubscribes if they have personally asked you to do so.

Flashissue is primarily designed to be a personal email marketing platform for the sending of relationship emails; you build your lists from the people you have in your personal address book. 

Having said this, Flashissue still adheres to CAN-SPAM regulations for the sending of commercial emails and offers recipients of your emails a way to opt-out from receiving future mailings. 

The uploading of purchased email lists to your Google Contacts for the purposes of creating mailing lists and sending unsolicited emails via Flashissue is in breach of our Terms and Conditions. 

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