Adding, Removing Or Editing Email Addresses In A Mailing List

Removing Email Addresses From A List

To remove an email from a list open the List from the List tab and put a check mark against the email and click the Remove Contact button:

If you are using a Google Contact Group as a list (Premium Feature) your Flashissue Group list always mirror the contacts in the group so if you remove a contact from the group in your Google Group and/or you Address Book it will automatically be removed from your Flashissue list the next time the synchronization occurs.

You can access your Contact groups like this:

Adding / Email Addresses To A List

You have 3 options available for adding or editing an email in a list.

Using Google Contacts address book

  1. Go to your Google Contacts at and add a new contact (or edit an existing contact)
  2. Open your Flashissue list and click Add Contacts
  3. Using the dialog box to put a check against the contacts you wish to add to your list

You can you the same method for updating or changing the email of an existing contact. 

Upload a contact using Import

If you are a Premium user and have the Import feature enabled, then you can upload a new contact directly into a list using a .CSV file:

For more details on Importing contacts click here.

Using Google Contact Groups

If you have a Google Contact Group list set up in Flashissue all you need to do is add a contact to the Group in your Google Contact address book and next time it synchs with Flashissue the contact will be added or updated as per your changes.

Here's the Group mailing List you created in Flashissue:

Add or Edit a contact in the Group in Google Contacts:

Note: When you make changes to a Contact in Google Contacts these updates may not be reflected in Flashissue until you log out of Gmail and back in. We recommend doing this to be safe
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