Store or save an email as a .pdf or save URL

All of the emails sent through Flashissue are stored in the Reports tab of the product. Additionally, if you want to store a hard copy of an email on your desktop or in a cloud storage folder you can print the email as a .pdf and then save it like you would any other file.

You can also bookmark the web version of the email and store it as a URL (#4 below).

  1. After sending your email go to the List tab in Flashissue
  2. Mouse over the report for the email you sent and click the View Email button
  3. This will take you to the web view of the email
  4. Bookmark this link like any other webpage (optional)
  5. Open the browser File menu and select Print
  6. Select the Print / Save as .pdf on the print dialog box
  7. Save the file as a .pdf on your desktop or to any other file folder

Note: when you save as a .pdf the links in your email will not be preserved.

Open email reports:

View web version:

Open browser Print menu:

Print as a .pdf:

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