Logged into the wrong interface

We have two product offerings for Flashissue, each has a separate user interface and its own login path.

1. Flashissue for Gmail

This lets you build mailing lists from Google contacts and access email reports from the emails you send. There are 2 ways to access Flashissue for Gmail:

2. Flashissue Classic

This offers you a selection of delivery options including, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Download HTML and Share on Social Media.

Logging into the wrong interface may also explain why you're not be seeing your drafts and old newsletters you thought you had. Example - if you've been using Facebook to log into your Flashissue Classic account and then you log into Flashissue for Gmail using your Gmail account, you're not going to see your content from your Classic account: you basically now have 2 separate Flashissue accounts. Logging in the correct account with the correct credentials will solve this.

If you mistakenly find yourself logged into the wrong interface, just point your browser at the correct URL:

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