Download HTML & send with another email service (Get HTML)

You can use Flashissue with any other email service, like Constant Contact, Vertical One, Salesforce, Madmimi etc.

All you need to do is download the HTML of your newsletter and copy / paste the HTML into a blank HTML email template at your current email service provider. .

The example below shows details of how you can send out your newsletter through Constant Contact. The same type of procedure applies to other email services such as MadMimi, SalesForce, Vertical One, Awebar Campaign Monitor etc. (if you're having problems with any of these, just let us know by submitting a Question through the forum).

  1. Login to Flashissue at and open/create your newsletter
  2. Click the Delivery option drop down on the editor (top left screen) and select "Get HTML"
  3. Click the orange button called "Get HTML"
  4. Click the Copy HTML button on the dialog box (your newsletter is now on your clip board). 
  5. Login to your Constant Contact account (or any other email service). 
  6. Create a new or open an existing email in Constant Contact 
  7. Paste the Flashissue code into your email
  8. Preview and send your email through Constant Contact

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