Step 3 - Create Mailing List (video)


Organize your Google Contacts into lists for sending...

Step 1: Open list screen

Select the *Lists* tab or the *Create List* button: 

Step 2: Create new list

Click the *New List* button. If you already have a list created and you just want to add some more contacts, then skip to the next step.

Step 3: Add contacts 

Add people to your mailing list using the Add Contacts button or the Import List button
Then from the pop-up dialog put check marks against the people you want added to the list. Click the blue Add button. 
If you are uploading a list just follow the prompts.

Step 4: Remove Contacts

To remove contacts from a mailing list. Open the list and add check marks next to the people you want removed. Then click "Remove Contacts"

Contact Group mailing list

If you want to create a dynamic mailing list that automatically synchronizes with contacts you store in a Google Contact Group you can use the Group mailing list feature 
This offers a time saving way to create mailing lists from groups you have already created in your Google contacts address book. [Learn More]

Web Sign Form

Each mailing list comes with a web sign-up form that you can use to collect emails from people who want to sign up for your newsletters. Open a list and click the black button called web sign up form
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