Web sign up form to collect email addresses

Every Flashissue mailing list comes with a unique Sign Up Form.

If you go to the List tab and open one of your lists you will see a blue button called Sign Up Form. The page contains the code to embed in a web site or a link to a landing page that will let you start collecting emails addresses from people who want to subscribe to your mailing list.

1. Click the List tab
2. Click a list to open
3. Click the blue Sign Up Form button
4. Copy/past the form's code into your website (or use the landing page URL)

When somebody subscribes using the form (via our double opt-in process) they will be automatically added to your mailing list.

If at any time they choose to Unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every email you send they will be removed from your list and placed on the Unsubscribe list (which can also be found on the List tab). This prevents them from receiving any subsequent mailings.

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    Denny Diamond

    It doesn't add anyone to the list

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