Create a segmented mailing list from Contacts

You can create a segmented mailing list by first creating a new Google Contact Group and then using that Group to create a list in Flashissue.

Example: Lets suppose I wanted to create a mailing list for people in the 30307 ZIP code

Step 1: Create a Google Contact Group

  1. Open your Google Contact address book
  2. Use the filter at the top to search for *30307*
  3. Select all the people shown 
  4. Create a new Google Group of these people e.g. ZIP 30307
  5. Return to your main Contacts home screen (or refresh your browser tab)

Step 2: Create a Flashissue Mailing List from the Group


  1. Go to the List tab in Flashissue
  2. Click New List > Click Add People
  3. Click the drop down filter box and select Group *ZIP 30307*
  4. Select All contacts and click Add
  5. You're done
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    Denise Colbert

    How about being able to segment a list based on info from previous reports? My main need is to be able to send an email to all subscribers who didn't open one or more past campaigns.

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