How to clean your email list with datavalidation

Keeping outdated and undeliverable emails out of your email list is essential for effective email marketing. Here's how you can clean your email list and ensure better delivery.

If your list contains too many "bad" emails when you send your email campaign these emails will be "bounced" and your delivery rate will suffer. This is bad because your reputation as a sender will start to deteriorate and you may get blocked from sending any emails by your email service provider.

To clean your email list and purge out undeliverable emails you can use a service like Here's the steps to follow to clean your list.

  1. Download your mailing list from your Flashissue account as a .CSV file
  2. Sign In to and upload your .CSV file
  3. Once your list has been scanned download the A and B grade emails to a new .CSV file (discard the others)
  4. Upload your cleaned list back into your Flashissue account

Find detailed step by step instructions here:

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