Bounces or bounced emails

A bounced email is an email that is returned to us because it cannot not be delivered.

Here are some of the reasons this can happen:

  • There is no such email address
  • The recipients email server is down
  • The recipient's mailbox box is full
  • The recipient's email servers are blocking your email because of it's content
  • Blocked email address - your email address has been put on a block list

High bounces usually occur because you are sending to an outdated or poor email list (e.g. it is not an opt-in list or you purchased the list). It is your responsibility to keep your list current and only to send emails to people who have indicated that they wish to receive them.

If you are experiencing high bounces your account maybe flagged and suspended.

Flashissue does not currently remove bounced emails from your lists so please keep your lists current. 

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    Guy ONeill

    I have found that bounced emails are automatically removed from my mailing list


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