Send-As Email Alias & Custom Email Addresses

The *Send As Email* feature allows you to select from multiple email addresses in the "From / Reply-To" field when you send an email.

For example, you may build your mailing lists using the Google contacts from your personal Gmail account but you want your emails to appear to come from your business email address. 

Once you have added an email alias you can select it from the Editor tab when sending an email:

Note: You can also change *Edit display name* selection for changing the name that recipients see in the From field of the email

To add an email to the alias list do the following:

  1. On the Editor tab select "Send-As Email" from the drop down menu (top right screen)
  2. Click the green Add Sender Email address button
  3. Retrieve the verification email from the inbox of the email address you are adding (click the verify link)

Now you an access your new email alias from the drop down menu in the Editor tab.

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