Issues with Google permissions Offline Access

Sometimes Google will randomly ask you to grant Offline Access when using Flashissue and seemingly lock you out of Flashissue / Gmail. If you see this message you will need to reset your permissions; uninstall the Chrome extension and reinstall the extension.

You can revoke Flashissue permissions with Google by doing the following:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the correct Google account.
  2. Access the Google permissions screen by clicking this link:  
  3. Make sure you are looking at the correct Gmail account
  4. Click Revoke button for all permissions labeled "Flashissue"
  5. Repeat this for all the Gmail accounts that may have the Offline permission issue.
  6. You will need to uninstall the Flashissue Chrome Extension and reinstall it.

To remove the Flashissue extension:

  1. Type in the address into your Chrome browser address: chrome://extensions/
  2. Find the Flashissue extension and delete it by clicking the Trash icon
  3. Logout of Gmail 

Reinstall the Flashissue extension:

  1. Re install the Flashissue extension from the Chrome store:

When you come to use Flashissue you will be prompted by Google to grant permissions to Flashissue again (go ahead and accept the permissions).


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