How are my Flashissue emails delivered

Google has strict policies for the number of emails it will allow you to send in a single day. If you are trying to send bulk emails to large mailing lists there is a good chance that your emails will be blocked by Google.

Flashissue offers a way to avoid this issue. When you send to a large list of recipients using the Flashissue Gmail integration we will route the emails through our servers and send them for you, thereby avoiding Google's sending limits and ensuring deliverability. 

If you are sending to a smaller mailing list of less than 25 recipients the emails are still routed directly through your Gmail account.

Please note that even though we allow you to avoid Google's sending limits, we have a strict anti spam policy and only support permission based emailing or the sending of emails to the people you personally know. If our system detects high spam and or bounce rates (undeliverable emails) we will stop sending your emails.

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