Sign Up for a subscription plans (subscribe, upgrade, downgrade or cancel)

To start paying for Flashissue or to change your current plan, including Canceling our plan do the following:

  1. From the Editor tab click the drop menu top right corner or screen.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Select your preferred payment plan based on the number of emails in your lists.
  4. Follow the payments steps when prompted.

You can use the Upgrade button or the account drop down to view pricing plans

To view your existing plan

Use the Account selection under the menu to view your current plan

Upgrade or downgrade an existing paid plan

By selecting a new plan you will be automatically upgraded or downgraded to that plan and we will use your credit card on file. With monthly plans will receive a prorated refund for the unused part of your the month when changing your plan. This will be given in he form of an account credit and applied to your new payment.

With annual and flat rate plans you will receive an account credit for the plan you have already paid for. This will be given in he form of an account credit and applied to your new payment.

Cancel your subscription

To cancel your paid subscription use the Cancel Subscription link on the Account page.

Please note we do not offer refunds when canceling your account. Your cancelation will be immediate and you will lose premium features as soon as you cancel. 

About the plans:

Personal Plans: Personal plans provide a set number of contacts you may store in your mailing lists. You are then permitted to send unlimited emails to these contacts (please see terms for a definition of Unlimited)

Team Plans: Team plans allow you and your team to store unlimited mailing contacts. Your admin account is then provided with an allocation of email credits to use each month. 1 email credit = 1 email sent to 1 recipient. Example: If you send a campaign to 500 recipients this will use 500 email credits. Team members will share this total email allocation when invited to the admin account. 
Plan changes: Updates made to your plan will take immediate effect. For Upgrades your credit card will be charged the new monthly amount minus any credit from the unused portion of your current plan. When Downgrading a credit for any unused portion of your current plan will be applied to your next billing cycle. Canceling your subscription plan will not provide any refund or credit. 

Included in every plan: Email list management, activity reports, integration with Gmail and the option to remove branding* (excluding Free plan). Personal Plans based on list size permit unlimited emails to be sent. Team Plans have Unlimited List size and a monthly allocation of emails you can send, where 1 email = 1 recipient 

Delete account: If you would like to completely delete your account make a request by clicking the link. You will lose all your account history. Delete account.

Cancel a payment: If you are currently on a paid plan and you would like to cancel your plan select the "Free" option on the pricing table above to downgrade your plan. You will be downgraded to our Free Plan and you'll be able to enjoy our free features.

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