Clearing your browser's cache to fix problems

We regularly update Flashissue with bug fixes and new features. Since Flashissue is web-based software, new features and bug fixes are updated on our servers.

Web browsers (like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc) use a technique called "Caching" to store copies of recently accessed websites to avoid re-loading them with every visit. While caching has many benefits, it sometimes causes updates to web-based services like Flashissue to not become available for your browser.

The solution is simple -- with a few clicks you can tell your browser to clear the browsing cache, and it will then re-load Flashissue from our servers from scratch.

Here are links to easy-to-follow instructions to clear the browser cache in Google Chrome and Firefox on Windows and Mac:

Clear the Browser Cache on Google Chrome for Windows 

Clear the Browse Cache on Google Chrome for Mac

Clear the Browser Cache on Firefox for Windows

Clear the Browser Cache on Firefox for Mac


You can find instructions for other browsers and platforms here:


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