Run Flashissue using Incognito mode

Enable the Flashissue extension to run Incognito

  • Right mouse click the Flashissue scissor icon
  • Click Manage
  • Locate the Flashissue extension and check box - Allow Incognito
  • Note: Make sure there are NO other extension with the check mark

Open a new Incognito window

  1. Chrome menu > File > New Incognito Window
  2. Login into Gmail
  3. Start using Flashissue
It should look like this:

If you have been having issues with Flashissue but you do not see the issues when using Incognito mode, this means you have some other extensions running in Chrome that are in conflict with Flashissue i.e. they are stopping Flashissue working correctly. 

The only way to isolate the offending extension is to disable all your extensions except Flashissue, start using Flashissue in normal mode (not Incognito) and then reenable each extension one by one. When Flashissue starts to have issue you will know what extension is causing it.

To further trouble shoot issues watch this video:


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