How to use Google Sites with Flashissue

You can use the content you have on your Google Site to create an email in Flashissue.

The content from your Google Site will appear in the Flashissue Editor gallery like any other web content (as long as your permissions are set correctly - see below).

There are 3 ways to view your content in the Flashissue Editor

  1. RSS feed (My Stuff tab) - Your Google Site will automatically create an RSS feed for your *Announcement* page templates. Enter the RSS linked into the My Stuff tab on the right side of the Flashissue editor. Note: Google Sites only generates an RSS if the site permission is set to "Public".
  2. Clipper (Clipped tab) - use the Flashissue Chrome clipper to clip pages from your Google Site and they will appear in your Clipping tab in the Flashissue Editor.
  3. Paste a URL - paste the page URL of the Google Site page into the Stories tab of the Flashissue Editor.

Clip a page:

Find the content in the editor:

Find your Google Site RSS feed:

If you are wanting to use your site's RSS feed in the My Stuff tab of Flashissue you will need to set the site permissions to "Public".

Here's an example of a Google Site RSS feed:


Editing the article content

Since Google Sites only supplies the article heading and image, once you have the articles in the editor you may want to add some more descriptive content for each article.

Using content with restricted permissions (intranets)

Sometimes a Google Site is used for internal company purposes, like an intranet, and the site permissions have been set up so that the content is only accessible by certain groups of people.

In order to view Google Site content inside Flashissue you will need to temporarily change your permissions so that Flashissue can access the content while you are creating your email.

Once you have finished pulling the content into your Flashissue email, you can change your Google Site permissions back to what they were before mailing out your email. In this way, the content in the email will be protected by the same privacy settings you have for your site when you send out the email. 

If you are wanting to use your site's RSS feed in the My Stuff tab of Flashissue you will need to set the site permissions to "Public".

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