How do I integrate my account with MailChimp?

After you have created your newsletter and are ready to send click the send tab at the top. You will be prompted to send with MailChimp, or Email Contacts. Choose MailChimp. Enter your username and password for the MailChimp account you wish to integrate. Your MailChimp account is now integrated with Flashissue. Choose your list and send.


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    Michele Arnold

    I do have a mailchimp account, but I'm wondering what is the benefit of integrating with mailchimp, assuming the contact lists are the same?  I'm asking because I have only just tried to make an email campaign as a trial through flashissue, and it was sooo easy!  I think mailchimp is a pain in the you know what!

    However, I do have a sign-up form on my website that grabs the name and email into mailchimp.  Is there a way flashissue can do this so that I don't have to use mailchimp?

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