Team Plans (admins) - Invite team members & manage invitees

Here's how to Invite people to your Team Plan:

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Open the invite email

  1. Go to the Team Admin dashboard
  2. Use the green Invite Users button to invite people to your Team plan
  3. When the invite email loads in your editor, send the email to a list or contacts you want to add to your plan.

Note: If you want to use a custom designed invite to send to customers DO NOT click the green Invite Users button, instead go back to the Editor and open your Invite Template from the New Email gallery. Make sure that your email includes the following HTML at least once in your email template:

<p><a href="%{invitation-url}%">Click here to accept the invitation</a></p>

Send the email

  1. Select a mailing list from the list drop down in the Editor or
  2. Add individual contacts using the Contacts field
  3. Click Send email

Manage Invitees

  1. Return to the Team admin dashboard to track invitations

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