Team Plans (Intro)

Flashissue Team Plans allow you to work more efficiently with other people in your organization. You can do the following with your Team plan:

  1. The Admin (John) can Invite Team members (Sally, Adam etc) to his Flashissue account
  2. Share email credits between the team. Emails sent by a Team member will pull from the main Admin account pool of monthly email credits.
  3. Share email templates - any member of the Team can save an email as a template and it will show in the email gallery for all users.
  4. Create a central point of billing - once a person joins a team they will not be required to enter any credits card details or pay for their own plan. They are now sharing the Admin’s plan
  5. Set email credit limits - the admin can set a monthly limit

 What’s the difference between an Administrator and Team Member?

The administrator is the individual who set up the account and then invited others to her Flashissue account. Once an invitee receives and accepts the Team invite email they become a member of the plan and start sharing the Administrator's email credits each month.

Do Team plans still work for individuals?

Yes. Team plans work just as well for 1 person or a 100. If you're working solo, the team plan works just fine for you.

Can I invite someone to my Team if they do not have a Gmail/Google account?

No. Everyone needs to access Flashissue through a Google login.

What happens when the Team runs out of email credits?

Let's say John, the Team Admin, has set up a paid plan for 5,000 monthly email credits. If Sally (Team member) sends out 1,000 emails, the balance of credits for the Team will fall to  4,000 emails. If Anne then sends out a newsletter to 2,500 recipients, the email credit pool falls to 1,500 and so on. If Adam then tries to send an email to 3,000 recipients he will get an onscreen notification telling him that the Team has insufficient credits to send his newsletter. John (Admin) will need to subscribe to a larger plan with more email credits or Adam will need to wait until the credit pool resets to 5,000 at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

 Where do I access the Team features?

Navigate to the Team settings from the drop down menu.


For more guidance on specific Team features refer to the following guide:

Learn More About Team Features


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