Copy/Pasting Text Breaks Email Format

Generally, we do not recommend that you copy/paste content from web pages or documents into your email. The reason is that general web content  (web HTML) can create display issues in emails. This is especially the case if  people are reading your emails using  Outlook. Given this, it is better that you originate email content yourself by typing it directly into the Editor.

If you still you do want to paste in text we recommend that you remove any unwanted formatting by using the "Tx " button. You’ll find this on the Editor screen of each content box. Paste in your content, highlight the pasted content and click Tx.

Beware. The Tx function is not foolproof and it sometimes appears that your content formats ok in the editor but when you send your email issues arise. At a minimum make sure you send yourself a test email to check things before sending to your larger audience.

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