Unsubscribes, Bounce, Marked as Spam, and Go to the Undeliverables Tab

Regulations governing the delivery of bulk email (CAN-SPAM) require that you provide a way for recipients of your email to be removed from future mailings. For this reason we automatically include an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email you send.

Recipients that click the "unsubscribe" link are automatically removed from your mailing list and placed on an Undeliverable list. You’ll see the Undeliverable list on the Lists tab in Flashissue. If somebody accidentally Unsubscribes and wants to be reinstated on your mailing list, you can navigate to the Undeliverables list and delete that person. Providing that the original list is still in present they will be added back on the list from which they were originally removed.

They can be removed by selecting “All” or check marking the individual email addresses and then selecting “Release”.

Note: We take CAN-SPAM seriously so we require that you respect a person's wish not to receive your emails. We also require that you only send emails to people that you have permission to send messages to.

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