How to Edit or Cancel a Scheduled Email

A scheduled email can be edited before it is sent.

 Here’s how to edit a Scheduled Email:

  1. Go to Drafts
  2. Click on the title of your scheduled email  

Your email will load in the Editor and you are free to make changes to the content. Once your edits are complete you will need to set a new schedule.

 You can start editing and schedule an email in Gmail here

Note: Once you open a scheduled email this will cancel the previously set schedule. You will need to create a new schedule to set a send later time and date.

A scheduled email can be cancelled when opened in Drafts.

  1. Go to Drafts
  2. Click the title of the email
  3. Select “Open”

You can also cancel the schedule by deleting the email in drafts.

  1. Go to Drafts
  2. Check off the scheduled email
  3. Click “Discard”

Both options will cancel out the schedule.

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