How to Turn Flashissue Tracker on/off

You may want to turn off Flashissue Tracker.


To turn off please follow the instructions listed below:


  1. Go to your Gmail inbox
  2. Open a compose window
  3. Uncheck “tracking” at the bottom right.



If you want to turn Flashissue Tracker back on, check off “tracking” at the bottom right of your compose window.

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    ORGION Unlimited

    As I understand the format has changed. I see an extra icon on the right, next to the 'send'button. 

    When I push this icon I have to wait (can take some time), but nothing really happens afterwards. Wait for far too long...

    Hope to hear.



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    ORGION Unlimited

    Okay...and after closing Chrome...there is no icon anymore.

    Please Help.

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