Difference between Trial, Free, and Premium Plans

When you first sign up for Flashissue you are given a 60 day free trial. The free trial gives you 25 email credits to use a month so you can send to up to 25 contacts a month.

You will also receive the following:


  • Team Features
  • Import Contacts


Once your free trial is over you will be put on the default free plans. The default free plan will give you 25 email credits to use a month and team features but you will lose the ability to import contacts. You be able store up to 1000 contacts on your mailing list.


If you sign up for a premium plan you will receive:


  • Team Features
  • Import Contacts
  • Sync google contact groups
  • More email credits
  • Premium Support
  • Remover Flashing branding from emails
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