What Are Features Flashissue Offers?

    • Team Features: Invite other Gmail and Google Apps accounts to join your Team. Share email credits, premium features and templates.
    • Create mailings list: Upload a CSV file, manually add contacts, or add contacts straight from your gmail account to easily create mailing lists.
    • Sync google contact groups: Sync your Gmail mailing lists directly to your Flashissue account.
    • Gmail Integration: Design emails directly from your Gmail account.
    • Design custom templates​: Use our easy drag and drop features to add content to your emails. Add text, images, video, buttons, and links to your email using our Editor.
    • Curate Web Content: Add your RSS feed , clip a web page, or add a link to our Content Gallery. Flashissue will create a neat summary of each blog article or webpage that includes a short intro paragraph, an image and a link that takes the reader back to the original full article. Cherry-pick the ones you want in your email and drag & drop them on to the editor.
    • Save custom templates: ​Save customized templates you've made in the Editor to use later. With team features you can share these templates among team members.
    • Send As Alias: Add an alias email address to your account you can send under.
    • Track Emails: Receive analytics on every send you make. This includes the following: bounces, open rate, click tracking, spam flags, and opt-outs.
    • Scheduled emails: Schedule emails to be sent at a later date.
    • Sign up Forms : ​Collect new subscribes by embedding or adding the link of the Flashissue sign up forms to your site.
    • Premium Support: Receive technical and billing support with our support team with a turnaround time of 24hrs on business days.




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