How to Add An Unsubscribe Link Inside Your Email

Every email sent from Flashissue includes a one-click unsubscribe link at the footer of the email. This link is added automatically by Flashissue to ensure you (and Flashissue) stay compliant with various anti-SPAM laws around the world.

In some cases you might want to add an additional unsubscribe link at the top or middle of your newsletter, perhaps with custom wording for the link. Here's how you can do that in a few simple steps:

1. Edit the text block you want to add the unsubscribe link in, and click the right-most button in the toolbar to show the advanced toolbar options:


2. Click the "Input" toolbar button, and then click "Unsubscribe Link":


Now you'll see the unsubscribe link was added to the text block:


You can edit the text of the link just like you would edit any other link in Flashissue - double-click the link to open the link editing dialog:


Make sure to leave "Link Type", "Protocol", and "URL" as they are -- only edit the Display Text.


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