How Support Adds Credits to your Account

In some rare event, you may run into an issue where you have lost credits at no fault of your own. If you send us a support ticket, you can request that we add additional email credits to your account.


As of now, there is no way for us to add a specific amount of credits to your account. We can only add a “Special” permission to your account that will allow you to send beyond you plan's limit. We do this from Flashissue’s back end.

If you go to your Account page you will see this listed for your plan.




Typically this special will override the sending limits of your account so that you can send more emails.


After you have sent the amount of credits that were owed to your account, someone from our support team will remove the “Special” from your account. Your account will reverse back to its original sending limits.


This does not affect your templates, team members, lists, drafts, or reports. All the content on your account will remain the same during the “Special” implementation and afterwards.


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