Understanding Reports

Email reviews

We have automated systems that constantly review the integrity of your email content and email lists for compliance with healthy email marketing. From time to time your emails may be flagged for review and while they are being reviewed your campaign will be held on pause and no emails will be delivered.

The review process is normally pretty quick but sometimes it may takes a few hours. If you have just started emailing with us or you have just created a new mailing list you maybe more prone for review.

Will my emails always be reviewed? No, not necessarily. Once you have some credible history of sending quality content with low bounce rates and spam reports, emails do not normally get flagged for review.


In computer jargon, a bounced e-mail is one that never arrives in the recipient’s inbox and is sent back, or bounced back, to the sender with an error message that indicates to the sender that the e-mail was never successfully transmitted.  Here are some of the reasons why this can happen:

  • There is no such email address
  • The recipients email server is down
  • The recipient’s mailbox box is full
  • The recipient’s email servers are blocking your email because of it’s content
  • Blocked email address – your email address has been put on a block list

High bounces usually occur because you are sending to an outdated or poor email list (e.g. it is not an opt-in list or you purchased the list). It is your responsibility to keep your list current and only to send emails to people who have indicated that they wish to receive them.

If you are experiencing high bounces your account maybe flagged and suspended. Flashissue does not currently remove bounced emails from your lists so please keep your lists current. Although once a bounce occurs we will not attempt to send an email to the address again.

Spam reports

Flashissue adheres to CAN-SPAM regulations for the sending of commercial emails and offers recipients of your emails a way to opt-out from receiving future mailings.

What this means is that you should only be sending bulk marketing emails to people who have expressly asked to receive them via an active opt process or people who are your current customers.

Purchasing a mailing list for example, and blasting out an email message to the list is considered Spam. When you start to send out unsolicited email the receivers of this email may report you as a Spammer and this is what you will see in your report. Get too many sam reports and you’ll get removed from the service.

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