How to Share Your Google Drive Documents and Files Using Flashissue

Step 1: Create a share link with Google Drive 

  1. Go to
  2. Locate the document you wish to share.
  3. Right click on the document.
    A menu will appear with options. Select “Get Shareable Link”.


  4. A popup will appear. Change the link settings to your preferred access.


    #1 Change who can view the link 
    (please note: change this to “Anyone with this link can view” to ensure the recipient can access the file or you can choose anyone within your organization if it is being shared internally.)


    #2 Change their level of access (Viewer Only access, Comment only access or Editor access)

  5. When you are finished, click “Copy Link” and share it via email using Flashissue. Below is how to share it via Flashissue.


*Please note that the person receiving the link must have a Gmail or Google Business account to access the content on the link* 


Step 2: Inserting the Share Link into Your Newsletter:

  1. Go to your Flashissue Editor or click here.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and add a button content block to your email.


  3. Click on the button that you just added.


  4. Paste your Google Shareable Link and click “Ok” to save.


Recipients of your email should now be able to access your document on Google Drive by clicking on the button you added. Send your email and you should be good to go

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