How to Keep Your Emails from Being Clipped

Once an email’s content goes beyond a certain size (102kb) Gmail will automatically truncate the message displayed in the inbox. The recipient will need to click the “View entire message” to see the full email. Content is considered to be all the text, links, URLs, and HTML formatting code in the message (images do not apply).


How do I know if my email will be clipped? 

 The best way to verify if your email newsletter will be clipped is to send a test email using the "Test send to self" list. Sending to this list does not deduct from your Flashissue email credits quota.


If it is being clipped, here's some ways to decrease email size:

1. Say More With Less Text

Overall lengthy emails have lower response rates. Shorter emails are easier on the reader and makes your CTA clear. Learn how you can say more with less words with Grammarly and other blogs:

2. Utilize your website

Your email can be a teaser to additional content on your website. Shorten your email to be a teaser and have the full content you want to showcase on your site. Not only will this make your CTA in your emails more clear, but it will also drive people to your website to view your other content and offers.

For example:


3. Link a button to the web-version of the email

If your email is being clipped, you can create a more prominent button that links to the web version of your email where recipients can see the full email on one screen. 

Your email already comes equipped with a “View in Web Browser” link at the top but adding a more prominent button in your email is easier for the recipient to see.

  1. Add a button content block to your email.
  2. Change the URL type for that button to "View on Web"
  3. Hit "Ok" to save it

Now users can view your full email by simply clicking that button.


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